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In 2020 AUROORA is born

AUROORA is the duo formed by Claudia Aurora and Javier Moreno who unashamedly crossover Fado with styles like Folk and Progressive Rock.
You will hear elements of Folk, with instrumentation including the Spanish guitar, Cello or strings, and you will hear elements of Progressive Rock, with instruments such as keyboards & synths, electric guitars and drums, with extended instrumental passages, avoiding common verse/chorus song structure found in popular music.
Powerful vocals at times, and operatic falsettos and guitar solos at others, Auroora brings something completely new to the music scene.

AUROORA is the rebirth of a fantastic music project. Something that started way back in 2008.

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Porto born singer Claudia Aurora started singing Fado after moving to Bristol (UK). It was there where she would meet Barcelona guitarist and producer Javier Moreno. A strong friendship and deep chemistry sparked, and they started crafting beautiful songs. Impassioned songs of loss, love, longing. In short, songs of saudade, the emotion at the very core of fado, perhaps best translated as ‘the love that remains after something is gone’. A lover. A comrade. A place.

As they didn’t have a Portuguese guitar available (indispensable in the Fado tradition) they started adding different instrumentation such as the cello, bouzouki, accordion, or double bass. The voice and soul of Claudia sang Fado, but the music was much more than that, including genres such as flamenco or Argentinian tango. 

After getting the attention of international label Harmonia Mundi, «Silencio» was released, taking Claudia and her band across Europe far and wide performing and the most prestigious venues and festivals, from the UK, to South Korea, through countries such as Poland, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Bulgaria, Ireland and Oman.

The second album of Claudia Aurora «Mulher Do Norte» would follow in 2016, recorded in Serpa, Portugal, and released with independent label Red Orange Recordings.

While touring, Javier and Claudia’s fell in love and moved together to London, where they opened a business, the very much loved Cafe Barcelona in Streatham. The daily running of the business, and raising their baby daughter, took most of their time, and therefore they took a break from music.

However, after moving to Barcelona in 2019, Claudia and Javier started working in new material. This time, with Javier as the role of producer (under the artistic name of Lamar), the songs started taking shape in new ways. It was a fresh start in a new country, a new life, so it made sense that the music was different too. 

Currently in production, the first EP album of AUROORA is scheduled for release in November 2020.

A crowdfunding campaign to support the project will be announced shortly.