Concierto en vivo // Live Stream 5th December

Sabado 5 diciembre
10pm (Spain)
9pm (UK/Portugal)


ENGLISH: Auroora presents a collection of new tracks for their upcoming album, performed as a duo from their home studio.
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ESPAÑOL: Auroora presenta en formato duo varias canciones de su próximo trabajo. 
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Duración: 45 min approx.

Nuevo single «Despedida»

Os traemos un nuevo single y video. Despedida es una gran canción, no tengo duda. Hemos contado con el músico invitado Martin Melendez, que con sus preciosas lineas de Violoncelo complementan muy bien el tema.

Music & Video by Auroora

Claudia Aurora: vocals
Javier Moreno: guitars & arrangements

Guest musician: Martin Melendez: cello

Produced by Javier Moreno

Mixed by Daniel Da Silva

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Auroora & Kadialy Kouyate & Camilo Menjura – 31 Julio 2020

En vivo, concierto online por live-stream the Auroora en formato duo a través de la conocida sala de música en vivo Green Note en Camden Town, Londres, cerrada actualmente debido al Covid.

El evento será retransmitido por Youtube, y contará con la participación de los músicos Kadialy Kouyate (Kora, Senegal) y Camilo Menjura (compositor Colombiano).

8pm (hora en Londres), 9pm en España. La entrada son a donación.


First review of our single «Flor Querida» by one of the most respected A&R music industry Blogs in UK.

Honey Flower means Flor Querida in Spanish and this word describes the song perfectly. Sung by Claudia Aurorawith Javier Moreno on guitar to ensure that this is a quality track. They have also brought in the wonderful Martin Melendez on the cinematic Cello. I must confess to having a slight crush on this sound.

There is so much beauty and elegance in this song and we are treated to some incredible vocals with a skillful guitar melody that is such a blessing to hear in these dark times. I feel at peace while listening to this stunning backdrop and my heart feels happy. This is Spanish folk at it’s most purest with a sparkling ensemble cast to make it memorable.

Click here for their Facebook page so you can keep up with live show announcements.

For more music I’d recommend heading to the YouTube page for incredible videos.

This song is released on June 24th so click here now on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Flor Querida // AUROORA

Flor querida mean my beloved flower This is the first single of AUROORA, a folk song that uses instrumentation like the cello and guitar, and talks about the blessing of the birth of our daughter, after a long struggle.

This is a folk song, with acoustic instrumentation such as the cello, the guitar, and a hand drum.

Children bring happiness and focus to your life, a new life, new dreams and hope for the future. Many women struggle to become mothers, and it’s a challenging journey for many couples. This song is a celebration of motherhood and the family.

Song by Claudia Aurora & Javier Moreno

Produced by Lamar

Video by Janina Mistecky